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“Stay home, stay safe”

This is airing globally in the world during the pandemic. With this fear, people try to stay locked in their houses and halt their work. Staying home is the best choice to keep themselves and others safe.

But you may be thinking that if someone wants to move or shift to another place, should he take a risk or not? Well, that’s great to think of safety. But you cannot stop your processes of life.

We will tell you exciting and safe tips which will help you to move easily during Covid-19. Here are all the crucial things you need to know, follow these tips, ensure safety and move safely!

1. Pack Your Luggage Yourself 

Disinfecting the luggage is as crucial as sanitizing your hands. It is advisable to disinfect your luggage before and keep disinfectant wipes with you. Try to use cardboard boxes and complete your complete packing a day before moving.

After packing the luggage, make sure that you have your phone with yourself with a charged battery. As in case of any emergency, this will be helpful.

2. Contact With The Mover’s Company 

If you are planning to move on public transport, do not. Instead, book your ride with good packers and movers. As they will ensure your complete safety. Make sure that you are moving in a transport that is not crowded. As there are more chances of suffocation and physical contact with people which is a complete violation of the pandemic safety rules.

3. Maintain Social Distancing 

During moving or shifting, even if you are not in a jammed transport, it is crucial to avoid physical contact and maintain distance. If you stop somewhere, then avoid handshakes with people. A 6-feet distance can be the best practice if you are outside of your ride.

4. Sanitize Hands And Wear Mask 

Safety for yourself comes first. Sanitizing hands is the best practice you can do during a pandemic. Make sure that you carry your sanitizer with you. Before touching, or picking up anything, wash your hands.

5. Clean And Disinfect Yourself And Your House 

When you reach out to a new place, remove your clothing and keep them away. Make sure to wear the washed clothes and all other accessories. Again, wash your hands, and take a bath. After sanitizing yourself, wear gloves and take a disinfectant in a shower bottle and disinfect your new place, either it is your own home or a rented apartment. If you are done with that, then unpack and luggage.

6. Use Plastic Rather Than Cardboard

We all know plastic can be easily sprayed or wiped with disinfectants while cardboard cannot. Once you have moved, spray all your stuff before unpacking your stuff to ensure safety.

7. Avoid Parties And Greetings At Home 

After you reach your new destination, it is better safe to avoid housewarming or welcome parties, and greetings. Also, try not to move to your neighborhood for quite some time.

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