Refund And Cancellation Policy

Rapid Movers offers the customer multiple payment options, Net banking, and other payment methods for their convenience. The customer is asked to make a payment only when verifying the order. The customer may select the ‘ full payment ‘or ‘ part payment’ option when verifying the order.

A part-payment is paid to the customer as a ‘booking approval fee.’ This shall be paid at least 50 % of the cost of the kit. The customer is expected to pay the remaining sum of the package as soon as they get on board our software systems.

Once you have ordered any package and have chosen for a partial payment plan, you will have to deposit the balance within 15 days of the start date. Failing it, your services are going to be on hold. The resumption of services will be carried out on the basis of the calculation of the number of leads and per lead expense with the amount deposited.

  • For all Rapid Movers products, you will just have to pay the balance on the Company’s account. The GST will be paid according to government guidelines, i.e. 18 per cent.
  • We can only include the bill for the sum we earn in the Company Account.

Refund Policy

Under no circumstances will Rapid Mover’s issue cash refunds or credits once they have been charged. There is no refund policy in place. In the proposed timeframe, you will get the promised number of leads. However, if the packer and mover company wishes to suspend the service for any reason, its package will be on temporary hold until further notice from the packer and mover’s side.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your orders made via Rapid Movers, you can do so within 24 hours by emailing us at The cancellation will not have taken place until the shipment has already been delivered.

Cancellation Charges Against Of Booking:

10% of the gross booking sum The packer and mover company will be responsible for payment if it is reached within 24 hours of booking.

In case of cancellation, please get in contact with our customer service department with all the necessary evidence. You should get to us

Phone: +92 – 313 –140 33 81