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Interrogate and see if the particular moving company meets your expectations or not! 

Whenever you think of moving to another place, do not entirely rely on any mover company. Moving is not an easy job, and we know your belongings are valuable. 

Therefore, whenever you need to move and hire a moving company, ask multiple questions before hiring them to ensure that they are competent enough to labor for you. 

You may inquire several questions, but we would like to tell you five important ones that are a must-ask. 

Without further ado, let’s get in with both feet.

5 Crucial Questions to Ask

What’s Your Registration Number? 

The registration number is what tells the credibility of a company. If they are not registered, they are not competent. 

Mover companies have to be registered and carry the registration number that is known as 

USDOT number (US Department of Transportation Number), with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). 

The exception is if the company merely travels within a state. You can check yourself on the FMCSA website.

Do you have references? 

Nobody hires an employee without asking them for their references, so why hire a moving company without asking them for their references? 

Therefore, before you lend your belongings to a moving company, ask for references. In this age and era, word of mouth is still vital to find a trustworthy service provider. 

Another must: Don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings of the company before you hire. 

What type of liability insurance does your company provide? 

Before you entrust your possessions to the moving company, ask them their liability coverage policies if any mishap takes place. 

Whether you are moving within a street or across a country, the mover company must have multiple liability options. 

Generally, there are two options: 

●    Full Value Protection: Your mover is liable to provide for all the damage that happened. 

●    Released Value Protection: In this option, the mover is liable to cover for 60 cents per pound per article. 

 For how long is your company in this game? 

Our point of view is that a historical company doesn’t necessarily have to be of high quality. Still, the one in the game for a long time carries ample experience and has provided fair services to keep up with the competency for so long. The flawless track record is proof of promptness and proficiency of the company that serves in time and good condition. 

Do You Carry the Required Equipment?

The right size of truck and dollies are important, but with that, the hoisting equipment or some additional gear that your specific circumstance may need is also crucial. If the company employs subcontractors to execute this role of the job, ask for their references and review their background.

Wrapping Up

Ask these concerns and be assured that your hired company is competent and your belongings are safe and sound with them because your possessions carry value. 

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