Are You Looking for a Moving Company Franchise Opportunity?

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Are You Looking for a Moving Company Franchise Opportunity?

Rapid movers and packers are offering a franchise opportunity for those who are willing to start a moving company in Pakistan. It’s a growing industry and has a massive potential revenue in Pakistan.

What we have noticed is that the packing and moving industry remains fragmented with just a few independently owned companies that don’t have any proper standards of working and customer service according to customer expectations.

At Rapid Movers, we believe that the moving industry customers deserve a more dependable, trustworthy, and experienced company.

Rapid Movers Franchise Process

1. Research

Get to know the brand. Initial Call with our Franchise Team.


2. Application Review

Fill out the Application. Management Call.

3. Discovery Day

Come meet the Family.


4. Approval & Launch

Once Application is approved we schedule training and Help you get your Black Tie Location up and running.

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Why Should I Use a Freight Forwarder?

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    Rapid Movers and Packers

    Rapid Movers is a packing and moving company that accompanies its clients through the hectic and stressful moving process. With our help, clients make their moving experience one of peace, comfort and convenience.


    Office: 31-FF Center Point Plaza Gulberg, Lahore

    Mobile: +92 – 313 – 140 33 81

    Landline: 042 – 35 75 1414